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Affair-Proof Your Marriage Experts say even happily married men cheat. Find out the reason behind it

Why do men cheat? Affairs don’t just strike out of the blue. And it’s not because your wife pushed you into another woman’s arms. In fact, most cheaters report being relatively happy with their marriages. So, why do men do it? According to clinical psychologist Dr. Andra Brosh, men have affairs because it’s often easier than facing and fixing problems in their current relationship. So, guys, here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you:

  • Don’t skip date night. Many people think women are the first to notice a lack of romance. But, Dr. Brosh says that when intimacy becomes a casualty of the “work and kids” routine, men feel just as disconnected as women do. That’s why it’s important to spend time together as a couple and talk about things like your hopes and dreams, instead of who’s driving the kids to soccer practice – or what bills are due.

  • Maintain healthy boundaries with your coworkers. Psychotherapist Dr. Mary Jo Rapini says that more than 60% of affairs happen with an “office spouse.” So, if you find yourself feeling emotionally connected to a coworker, you need to back off ASAP.

  • Beware of thoughts like, “No one appreciates me,” and, “She doesn’t care.”Charles Orlando is the author of The Problem with Women... Is Men. And he says negative thoughts like that rarely reflect the real situation. They’re actually a sign that you’ve been ignoring problems in your relationship. In order to overcome them, you need to do 2 things that make a lot of men uncomfortable: Honestly discuss your feelings, and ask for help.

So, keep your relationship in tact by taking your partner out for date night, maintaining healthy boundaries at work and being aware of problems that might be ignored in your relationship.

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