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Things To Do If You're Alone During The Holidays

People don't always realize it, but not everyone has family to go home to at Christmas.Whether you can't afford to go home and spend time with your loved ones, or you have no family of your own, whatever the reason, spending the holidays by yourself can be isolating and lonely.

But there are ways to cope so you don't feel down during what's supposed to be a joyful time of the year. Just remember: the holidays don't have to be perfect, and you don't have to feel happy all the time it's unrealistic and can set you up for feeling bummed out. So, don't be hard on yourself if you are feeling sad. It's perfectly normal! Below are a few ways to help you feel good if you're spending the holidays alone.

Go To The Movies There's no better time to enjoy the movies than during the holidays. There are plenty of options during the holidays, from Christmas classics to blockbusters and even Oscar contenders. Load up on the popcorn and soda and enjoy!

Try Ice-Skating Whether you're an expert or a novice skater, getting outside and doing some fun exercise will make you feel great about yourself. Don't forget to grab some hot chocolate when you take a break!

Visit A Spa Nothing makes you feel as relaxed then when you're at a spa. Treat yourself to a massage, a mani and pedi and, if you can, soak in a tub filled with bath salts. You'll feel like you're on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Be A Tourist In Your City Take a stroll around town and visit areas you haven't had the opportunity to check out before. Try new restaurants you wouldn't normally duck into; check out a local art gallery; visit a touristy area and see the sites and walk around communities you're not familiar with. You'll be pleasantly surprised with what you'll discover. Road trip!

Pack up the car (or rental) and go away for a long weekend! Book a winter cottage or airbnb in a remote location, bring lots of snacks and booze, and chill out by the roaring fireplace. Don't forget to bring your skies or snowshoes for those gorgeous winter hikes.

Visit The Museum There's nothing like getting a lost in your local museum. Spend a few hours wandering the galleries and learn something new! Then, hit up the gift shops.

Book A Lunch Or Dinner At A Nice Restaurant If you can't tell, the theme of this gallery is to treat yourself. So why not splurge on a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant? Indulge in your favourite wine and order everything you want on the menu.

Stay Home And Relax Throw on a comfy robe, line up your favourite movies, grab a bunch of snacks and have a cozy day at home, chilling out in front of the TV. Don't forget dessert!

Volunteer Help those who are truly in need, whether it be at your local woman's or homeless shelter, an animal pound, or a children's hospital or soup kitchen. Spend time with others who are truly alone this season.

Create Your Own Tradition Maybe you and your friends start a holiday supper club, or you take a solo trip to the neighbourhood with the best Christmas lights. Whatever it is, having traditions to look forward to, whether it's with people or without, can make you feel good about yourself.

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